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Welcome to Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth

JNANA-DEEPA VIDYAPEETH(JDV) is the name given to the Pontifical Athenaeum in Pune in its Revised Statutes of 1972. The Pontifical Athenaeum has a history going back to 1893 when Pope Leo XIII founded the Papal Seminary in Kandy, Sri Lanka, and entrusted its direction and administration to the Society of Jesus.

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Faculty of Theology


It is our endeavor, here in JDV, to foster a search for truth, to foster love towards all, and to equip persons to work for a more humane world, in the light of the Good News brought by Jesus Christ.

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Faculty of Philosophy

To know more about each of the cycles and to download Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy(BPh) - 2011 to 2013 Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy(BPh) - 2012 to 2015 Two Year Diploma Programme - 2011

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Student Council

The JDVSV is a body of representatives directly elected (and a woman representative nominated by Women’s Forum), by the students of JDV to ensure effective and responsible participation of the students


Events at JDV

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